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So as absolutely no one can presently tell because as of this moment only two people on the face of the planet are aware of this site’s creation — we’re now live with a new and exciting web presence.

“But what do you plan to do with this site? osoba przyjmująca zakłady sportowe ” I hear you ask, condescendingly under your breath… “Good question!” I respond, though secretly I resent you for your inquiry. While we’re still hoping to refine our goals for the site, I say “We” because there’s two of us – Myself, Vicious (James) (Host and likely majority content poster) and Boxofit (Davy) (Great gamer and source of rather unpredictable comedy), our overall goal as of this point in time is use this site as a publishing platform for all of our various gaming antics. Maybe meet a few good people, lure some players into our servers, and above all, have a good laugh or two. najlepsze automaty online I personally, plan to dedicate an entire youtube segment to letting people watch my girlfriend play scary games (it’s hilarious to everyone but her). darmowe gry kasyno bez logowania chomikuj

That said, there’s lots still to do, a world of content to be gathered, made, organized, and shared — and features to be integrated. So let’s get to it, shall we?

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