We’re Social Now

It’s official: We’re on the Social-Sphere. Now you can tweet, follow, hashtag, like, subscribe, thumb-up – or whatever it is you do. kasyno online demo

From Facebook (Boxofit) to Twitter (@Boxofit) to our official Youtube (OfficialBoxofit), you can keep up with the latest news, gaming, updates, and local events we’re hosting. efortuna zakłady bukmacherskie

Semi-Personal Note: Thus far, I rather like Twitter. No other format allows you to just quickly contact ANYONE, and I mean anyone at all, and get a response a couple hours later usually. kasyno automaty online

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New World of Warcraft Server

While the server is up, operational, and public – it’s only barely so currently. As of today, 5/8/2013, I am looking for a more reliable method of hosting, given that the internet out here in the middle of no where is about as reliable as one would expect… During this time, please be aware that the server may go offline for extended periods of time without warning. Additionally, due to latency issues, the game may be rendered unplayable. These are all temporary problems that will be resolved by transferring the server to a better host – but that is the current state of affairs, and you have been warned. darmowe zakłady bukmacherskie

At any rate, hit the jump if you’re interested in learning more about the server, how to join, connect, and play.

First thing’s first: a tour o...

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New Forums

This morning we’ve launched forums so we can stay connected to our community as it grows. darmowe gry kasyno jednoręki bandyta Currently the users for the forums are seperate from any accounts you might use to leave comments on the main page here — until I can find away to join the two (if it’s even possible) you’ll have to register separately for each (or just join the forums). bukmacherskie zakłady sportowe milenium

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DayZ Madness

So we’re driving down the interstate on the Taviana map, trying to get to the airport with a toolbox, jerrycan, and rotor assembly with the hopes of repairing a helicopter and gaining significantly improved mobility around the map, when this happened:

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Minecraft Video Tutorials

Hopefully I’ll be doing a series of instructional minecraft videos in my spare time that will serve as a good compliment to our game play videos. bet win zakłady sportowe

Here’s the first in the series.

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New Public Minecraft Server

[UPDATE – 5/8/2013: The server is presently offline pending a more reliable host.]

We’ve just launched a new (PUBLIC!!!) Minecraft Server for all to enjoy. Interactive Map, Address, and Rules after the jump.

Important no...

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New News

So as absolutely no one can presently tell because as of this moment only two people on the face of the planet are aware of this site’s creation — we’re now live with a new and exciting web presence.

“But what do you plan to do with this site? osoba przyjmująca zakłady sportowe ” I hear you ask, condescendingly under your breath… “Good question!” I respond, though secretly I resent you for your inquiry. While we’re still hoping to refine our goals for the site, I say “We” because there’s two of us – Myself, Vicious (James) (Host and likely majority content poster) and Boxofit (Davy) (Great gamer and source of rather unpredictable comedy), our overall goal as of this point in time is use this site as a publishing platform for all of our various gaming antics...

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It only makes sense that as we grow this site, we host a server or two. I’m perfectly willing to make a “mc.boxofit.com” sub-directory and point it to a dedicated Minecraft Server. As we goof off in video and such, we can advertise for the server, bring in more players, maybe make a good friend or two – who knows. If all else fails, I’m sure it’ll get Tom and Arthur inspired and onboard. gry hazardowe jednoręki bandyta Will we be the next Yogscast? I doubt it highly, as our accents are nearly as amusing. automaty online za peniaze Will we have fun? If not, we’re missing the point, I think. hotspot automaty online

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