New World of Warcraft Server

While the server is up, operational, and public – it’s only barely so currently. As of today, 5/8/2013, I am looking for a more reliable method of hosting, given that the internet out here in the middle of no where is about as reliable as one would expect… During this time, please be aware that the server may go offline for extended periods of time without warning. Additionally, due to latency issues, the game may be rendered unplayable. These are all temporary problems that will be resolved by transferring the server to a better host – but that is the current state of affairs, and you have been warned. darmowe zakłady bukmacherskie

At any rate, hit the jump if you’re interested in learning more about the server, how to join, connect, and play.

First thing’s first: a tour of the server and it’s features.

Our World of Warcraft server runs on a MaNGOS emulation core, and features Blizzard-like rates and play-ability. We offer two realms:

Magrathea, a “Normal” (meaning not RP or PVP) server with 2-Sided interactions enabled (meaning you can be both Horde and Alliance, as well as chat/guild/party between Horde and Alliance), featuring ScriptDev gameplay fixes (meaning escort quests work – a typical problem with private servers), and a high-volume auction house bot that sells and purchases items across all auction-houses (giving a low player population server, such as ours, a feeling of a bit more interactivity).

Damorgan, a PVP server with ScriptDev. No non-standard modifications have been made on this one.

Our website features both an informational portal as well as a staff management portal. Through the informational portal, a standard user can create an account, recover a lost password, view maps of presently in-game characters, and manage their account settings. Through the Staff Portal, game masters can send in-game mail and items, view characters and inventories, run administrative tasks appropriate for their given rank, and make requests of administrative action that is above their rank.

Before joining the server, you need to be aware of the overall registration and connection process. hraci automaty s bonusem bez vkladu

Step 1: Understand the legality (this will be certified upon first viewing the website) that this server is not run for profit, does not charge money for access, or offer in-game boons to financial contributors. Additionally, at the moment (as of 5/8/2013), the donate option isn’t even enabled or linked to a paypal associated with or it’s staffers. Understand that by playing on a private server, you are violated the End User License Agreement that the Software Provider, Blizzard, requires you agree to upon installation and play of the game. Know that this server is run for educational and entertainment purposes only – and is NOT INTENDED to substitute a membership to World of Warcraft, as hosted by Blizzard, nor is it intended to encourage the piracy of software.

Step 2: You’ll want to register your account at – the first step of this process will certify and re-enforce the disclaimer in Step 1. While I can’t FORCE you to read the disclaimer, I can tell you for certain that you should NEVER “sign” (or click in both agreement and acknowledgement of) something you’ve not read. Just a pro-tip.

Step 3: You’ll want a installation of World of Warcraft running version 3.5.5a — suggested Wrath of the Lich King Expansion. kasyno online bonus za rejestracje bez depozytu Currently, legitimate world of warcraft is at a significantly higher revision of the program. It falls to you to either wind down you client or acquire one that is set to the appropriate version – for legal reasons, the team of will  not be able to help you in this regard.

Step 4: Find and Edit your file (Vista/7/8 users: you’ll want to run “Notepad” as administrator, navigate to the file, and open) and change the address provided to – when you save make sure it’s saving as a .wtf and not a .txt !!!

Step 5: Fire up the game, sign in with the account you registered in step 2, and play as you see fit.

Step 6: WoW is a “Massively Multiplayer” game – which means that the more people there are playing, the more fun the game is. So while this step is optional, it’d be awesome if you brought on your friends, roommates, siblings, or anyone else who might want to play on the server with us.

And that’s pretty much it.

Well… Not quite:

Our dedicated members will be the ones most likely considered for staff and moderation positions. So constantly asking for moderator privileges doesn’t really help your chances. However, being active in the games that interest you, as well as on the forums – makes for a much greater chance of success.

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