Laws of Burtlandia
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Author:  Boxofit [ Mon Jul 06, 2015 11:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Laws of Burtlandia

1. The Mine is everywhere...respect...
2.Burtlandia adheres to a strict trolling policy. Only members of Burtlandia are allowed to troll anywhere. FAILURE TO COMPLY EVEN IN OTHER COUNTRIES WILL RESULT IN FROWNIE FACES!
3.I'm blue...
4.In order to join Burtlandia one must make a soulful request to the spirit of the Burtlands, this MUST be done when no one else is on the server because he is SUPER SHY!
5.Extinguishing of Davy's fire pit will result in a sentence of lighting Davy's fire pit again. Stop screwing around there! Ya'll screw around too much!
6.Any custom Npcs in Burtlandia must contain Burt in the first name and Mc in the last name. Single named NPCs are exempt from this rule...I guess tri-named NPCs are also exempt because
7.All people whose name contains a verb must have a backstory ready at all times. YOUR BACKSTORY IS YOUR PASSPORT DON'T LOSE IT!
8.Only people with verbs in their name are subject to the terms of rule 7. No others require passports.
9.NPCs are also subject to rule 7 on the same conditions of players except their original creator is responsible for the backstories. This will be policed heavily.
10.The words hootenanny and yummy are forbidden in the Burtlands, even a single utterance will be met with strict disapproval.
11.Cocaine everywhere.
12.Somebody decorate Davy's house, he ain't gonna do it.
13.As chartered by King BurtSandalman the Burtnificent the Burtram, all other Burts are required to type in zombie groans in world chat once.

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